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Sassy Dream

If you haven't inferred from an instagram posting which I posted recently, I've actually left my full-time job to pursue my other interests. I have some plans but they're not firmed up but I am very excited that I will have the liberty to plan my day and how I want to live my life from here on.
And also, I wish to devote and dedicate more time to my blog. I really enjoy sharing good finds, my favourite outfits of the day, make up I use, personal life, random rants, travel journals and just things that I've been up to. I've so many outstanding posts, I can't wait to get my hands on them. 
I'm also looking forward very much to the day whereI can wish how I'd like to dress up each day according to how I feel.

My last day is sometime around National Day so I've still gotta bear with work for another 2 weeks.
Maybe I'll do a more detailed post about this when I have the feeling for it. I'm extremely exhausted right now and I'm quite afraid of sounding too gibberish. 

Been sleeping barely 5 hours for the past few nights. It's been crazy.
I hope my eye bags don't look ginormous in the photos. I just shot them today (very very early in the morning)..

Photography Credits: Multifolds Photography

I chose two items from Sassy Dream which I felt described me most. I always wanted a simple casual sleeveless tee that I could wear on weekends and "lazy days" and I thought this pick was just purrrfect.. 

Graphic tanks are quite fun and versatile :) 

Ripped Denim Shorts: Random find from BKK
Booties: GoJane
Clutch: Gift from Jon's mom

My second outfit was more girl-next-door. What I loved about it is that it can be worn multiple ways (as an off-shoulder/a tube). It's so easy to match, I've worn it on a separate occasion with my wine red maxi from TTR, but I decided to go all casual today. :)
Wanted my weekend to feel like a weekend as much as possible..

Nude Clutch & Arm Accessories: Ladymojo (not launched yet)
Hat: The Tinsel Rack's hat closet
Heels: Gripz Shoes

Sassy Dream just launched at 12PM today, and they've a whole bunch of really pretty pieces. 
Head over to check them out if you're in need of some shopping!
Remember to QUOTE "melissakoh61" to receive a free normal postage of any purchases.

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