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W Taipei: A Luxe Haven

Brunch Buffet.

In-room dining.


YEN Chinese Restaurant.

One of ultimate indulgences is booking myself a luxury hotel when I'm overseas. I've to thank my lucky stars for the flavourful opportunities to experience them from time to time, especially during my most recent trip to Taipei, where W hotel hosted Jonathan and I for a time period during our stay.
Truly, this was one of the most luxurious and meaningful stays I've ever experienced.

Beyond rich and dynamic interior decor, top-notch facilities and impeccable levels of service quality, I was impressed with overall dynamic experience of my stay.
I had to over simplify with a general statement "overall experience" because indeed, everything put together, has made my stay an unforgettable one.
From the extremely helpful concierge who helped us with our Taipei itinerary and even recommendations beyond Taipei, to the late night in room dining experience which Jonathan and I enjoyed, to the attentive staff that brought us a bottle of champagne because we were celebrating our monthiversary, to the extravagant brunch buffet selections, to the Chinese fine dining at YEN restaurant which was undoubtedly one of my best meals during the trip, to the very convenient location (right at Taipei City Hall), to the 24 hour gym facilities as well as their signature yoga classes, to the consistent level of hospitality.

It was not that I wanted to "take it easy" as Jon had put it, but the amount of activities arranged for us at the hotel alone was enough to keep us busy.

I'm full of gratitude to Nicole, Wina and the rest of the W Taipei team, for making my stay such a personalised and amazing one.
Thank you for allowing both Jon and I to experience the beautiful city of Taipei through the comfort of your hotel. I'm looking forward to my return..



Monday Cravings.

If you guys haven't known this already: Ladymojo was founded about one year back from selling solely accessories. My love for accessories ignited the will in me to start an online outlet where I could share my favourite picks. I genuinely enjoy fashion and styling outfits, but particularly, adding that final touch with accessories (not just limited to fashion statement pieces but bags, hats, scarves, watches included too)

Many of you have requested for me to share the accessories which I so tremendously love, and so I thought I should do a collage style kinda feature with my picks and essentials, every once in a while. 

Today, even though Ladymojo is still entirely directed and run by me, my family has very readily offered support by taking charge of the ICON line. 
Here's presenting another ICON by Ladymojo collection with a myriad of gorgeous statement earrings including those listed above; coming your way at 12 NOON

Have a great Monday!  




Happy Sunday, everyone!
Coming back from a busy week/weekend, I'm concluding the last and final outfit feature from my trip to Korea.
Still feeling slightly reluctant to acknowledge that I will only revisit Seoul in 2015 or later, I have been secretly searching for windows of opportunity to return this year.
Sounds quite crazy but I've travelled there 3 times within the last 12 months.
Every single time I plan my wardrobe to this fashion-forward city, I do my best to keep all my look savvy, with an injection of some fun-loving street style. Yet, I force myself ensure that comfort remains the underlying feature.
This light weight hoodie was a perfect layer up to my inner knit throw over. I was tempted to go for a clean colour blocking style, but I decided to throw in some monochrome florals for a punch.
That's the best thing about having these plain functional pieces which I interchangeably refer to as "basics".
I particularly love the hoodie as well as the draw string at the waist. I'm definitely taking it with me on my upcoming trip. Fall/Winter is drawing near!

Wearing Wet Weather V-neck knit and Truly Trustworthy Knit Hoodie from Hollyhoque matched with Floral Pants from Ladymojo and Boots from Korea.
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Photography and Editing by Multifolds