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Let's talk beauty: Garnier's Sakura White Super Hydration Booster

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Garnier recently introduced the new Sakura Super White Hydration Booster in their Sakura White Range and I've had the privilege of trying out this wonderful product for myself.
I have been using products from their range since it has been introduced to me about a year back but this is my first experience with their latest addition-- The Super Hydration Booster.
This is their first ever super intensive hydration gel that gives beautiful rosy, radiant, baby soft skin.

Read on to find out more about how this can be a great addition to your skincare regime like how it was for me..

Having beautiful and naturally radiant skin is not always that easy. It requires a lot of time investment and consistent effort, but the results that show if you persevere at it, makes it all worth it.

This is how my daily skincare looks like every morning. It always begins with cleansing and it finishes off with a good moisturiser with SPF. I love to pamper myself with a nice mask at the end of the day sometimes, and this Sakura White one, is one of my favourite face masks to date!

I love how the entire Sakura White range smells really light; and the cherry blossom scent is really refreshing on the skin.
More importantly, I love this range because of how it not just only gives me adequate hydration but also leaves a really pretty pink rosy sheen on my cheeks.

I really see the full effect of the products when I use them altogether.

Specifically, I've been raving most highly about their new hydration booster.

Every skin needs to be well hydrated to look supple, fresh and healthy. Dry skin often looks lifeless and dull.

Climatic conditions such as heat, dryness, pollution, air conditioning – and lifestyle and eating habits such as alcohol and poor nutrition can all have detrimental effects on our skin's natural defences.

However, this Super Hydration booster has been tested and proven (on Asian Skin) to promise the results of radiance, hydration, an even skin tone, softness, fairness and even a give a nice dewy finish, which makes the skin a perfect canvas for make up application.

This Super Hydration Booster uses KPT Technology which involve 5000 Sakura Pearls.
KPT technology, a L’Oreal patented technology allows Sakura Extracts to be kept fresh in the Sakura pearls until application.

These Pearls captures the highest concentration of Sakura Extracts and releases them only when applied.

The Sakura beads burst upon application and blends perfectly with the super hydrating gel. The after result is an immediate noticeable difference of a slightly less yellowish skin tone.

Containing these 3 Power Ingredients, it is no wonder why it's so effective:

1) Sakura Extracts-- Garnier carefully selects the Sakura Extracts strictly from Shikoku & Okayama in Japan, where the warm weather and fertile soil provide the best conditions for Sakura blossoming. Proven to reduce yellow and olive skin tones, it is a potent ingredient that is the secret to rosy radiant skin. They are also rich in whitening actives that are clinically proven to significantly inhibit melanin production and reduce roughness.  My skin is rosy, glowing, and soft in just 4 weeks.

When I chanced upon these beautiful Sakura flowers in Seoul, I wanted to take them home because they were so pretty looking. Having the extracts of this beautiful flowers applied onto my skin makes me feel as though my skin is on the way to looking as pretty and rosy as these flowers.
I also heard that Sakura has anti-inflammatory properties! (:

2. Vitamin B3 and Vitamin CG- These 2 ingredients nourishes the skin deeply, lightens skin tone and dark spots, refines skin texture, and reduces the appearance of pores.
Vitamins are indeed beneficial for the skin. If you are vitamin deficient due to your poor diet, what is a better way than to let your skin care products infuse some of these good stuff into your skin, right?

3. Super Hydrating Gel- Keeps skin hydrated and plump for up to 24 hours.
The gel texture makes application a joy, leaving no sticky residue but instead quickly absorbed into the skin.

Working in perfect synergy with the combined effects of this exceptional duo, the new Sakura White Hydrating Booster leaves your skin hydrated and plump all day!
I especially love the pinkish hydrated rosy glow it leaves it.

So pop by Watsons, Guardian, and/or any major supermarkets now to get your them at a 20% offer! Note that this discount applies to the entire range of Sakura White products, including the Hydration Booster! (:

To find out more about this product, don’t forget to check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/GarnierSingapore

**The Sakura White range is dermatologically tested and suitable even for sensitive skin.



Happiness is a fully charged phone.

I'm undeniably a power sucker, truly without any puns intended.

As much as I hate being labeled as a victim of this so called, "new age" technology, it has now become a part of my job and my rice bowl.

More than just being a social media freak where I'm constantly on instagram, dayre, Facebook, twitter, pinterest, ...what else have you..?
My phone serves me very well in checking emails on the go and connects me with my loved ones instantaneously.

Missing calls, emails or messages could potentially be lost opportunity for me.

All in all, I cannot emphasise how dependent I am on my iPhone to function at every single moment of the day.
Because I'm out for most of the day, running errands, doing photoshoots, meeting clients, I've always faced the problem of my phone running out of battery and those days are quite a nightmare!
Before the invention of a portable charger came to me, I would be running to the nearest Starbucks seeking out an AC outlet or carrying my laptop out and putting strain on it by siphoning power from its USB ports.

Gone are those days; and looking back on it makes me feel kinda silly. Thank God and whoever that invented portable chargers! (:
During my last trip to Beijing, I got really desperate for a portable charger so I bought one off the streets but it failed me even before the trip could end. I kinda lost hope in what those devices promised because it was hardly ever true. I had a couple of bad experiences until this, and that's why I'm so happy and willing to share about it here! I hope you find this information useful (:

All thanks to SYHO, I received a two different models- one of which could last one full charge (and more) on my phone and the other multiple charges (plus a charge for my other devices).
Honestly, both serve me on different occasions and both serve me equally well.

What kind of portable charger should you choose? 

There is such a wide variety and they come in different shapes and sizes and at different prices.
In the past, I would often opt for the one that's the least expensive and the most lightweight, but those are the ones that won't charge my essential devices AT ALL (I swear!)!

I also learnt that it's all about the math.

A rechargeable battery's capacity is usually measured in milliamperes (mAh).
For example, a Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a 2,100mAh battery, while the iPhone 5 relies on a 1,440mAh cell.
It stands to reason, then, that any portable charger you buy should have at least as much capacity as your smartphone, or even more. That way you can fully recharge it from a fully drained state or let it charge for a couple of runs.

This cute little lime green baby which I got from SYHO, Model Fun Series FS2400 has a real capacity of 2400mAh, allowing me about 1.5 full charges.

This is absolutely perfect for days that I'm on the go. On days like such, one full charge is all I require throughout the day, and this model is just right because it's small, compact and lightweight (63grams only).
I can even fit this little device in a clutch bag and have it taken out with me on dinner dates when I decide to go solo with just a small purse. (:

It also comes with a matching pouch that I use on occasion and a key ring which I find quite handy! I like to attach it to one of the compartments of my handbag via the key ring so that I can locate it easily especially when I carry a big spacious handbag.

This portable charger model costs $20.90 on www.syho.sg! and it comes in a pop of other vibrant colours such as pink, white, blue, bright orange, orange, purple and black!

For the power hungry..

I bagged home the Infinity Series IFN-12000, another portable charger from SYHO but with a larger capacity than the other one.
This allows me multiple charges in a day and with some balance capacity even when I get home.
I highly recommend this for travel because it comes with 2 USB ports allowing me to not only charge my mobile phone but also my camera and the dongle (or more fondly known as egg, in Korea)-- the device that emits wifi to me.
My phone does not do much good without any connectivity, so ensuring that I had a wifi dongle that had power for the entire day was also primary and I can't be thankful enough for this portable charger that allowed for it.
There were two days during my recent trip where we went without a dongle, and holy crap, it was so hard for Shine, Melvin and I.

I would also highly recommend this one for those of you that are out for more than 10 hours a day. (:
On days that I wish to work in a cafe, I'd bring out this model instead simply because of it's larger capacity and dual port.

Weight wise, it is 280grams. Definitely heavier than the other one, but comparative to the other models in the market with the same real capacity of 12,000mAh, I must commend that this is quite a high performer.

Priced at only $49.90 online, it is definitely quite a steal.

When the parcels for my portable chargers arrived, I was extremely impressed with the leather casings that came along with the chargers. I think one of the reasons why my old portable chargers spoil so quickly is because I always knock them around!
This time, I have no excuse! (:

SYHO holds pride in their products and hence, offer a 6 month warranty to their customers! You can definitely set your mind at ease when shopping with them!

Visit SYHO.SG to view their series of portable chargers and remember to quote "MELISSA" to enjoy 5% off your total order or FREE SHIPPING to enjoy free normal shipping within Singapore.
Feel free bomber me with questions if you have any by leaving a comment below.. I will do my best to answer them!

Photography Credits: Melvin from Multifolds




I decided to style my last shoot for Ladymojo in all black and white because I didn't realise how many black and/or white apparels I brought in at one go.
Somehow got quite inspired to piece together this shoot, and I'm really loving how the photos turned out.
Sharing my first outfit set here! There's more to come on my blog soon.
If you're too impatient, head to my FACEBOOK Page cos I've just done up a mini preview of all that's upcoming or check out Ladymojo's INSTAGRAM Page for my favourite picks!
Thank you so much for your endless support and love. Have a wonderful mid-week guys!